New London Street Food Experience at Snoozebox Olympic Park

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat great food…just tuck in” 

Capturing the depth of traditional food culture and authentic cuisine, STREETFOODZZZ is a celebration of flavour and flair. Delicious food, free from prejudice and taking its rightful place in the sun as an expression of culinary civilisation. A true testimony to the identity of a people, the STREETFOODZZZ menu embodies recipes and sauces that have been passed down through generations. Freshly prepared every day, using locally sourced ingredients from the artisan food markets of East London to help reduce your carbon footprint.   

STREETFOODZZZ Head Chef Collin Brown is one of London’s most enthusiastic ambassadors of authentic Caribbean cuisine, and he is always smiling. Why? Because he LOVES his food. The tradition of it, cooking it, and most importantly sharing it. Just ask celebrities such as Beyonce, Katy Perry and Usain Bolt, all of whom have been lucky enough to taste Collin’s culinary fire. Voted ‘Caribbean Chef of the Year’ three times over, Chef Collin Brown brings together contemporary and traditional food for you to enjoy at STREETFOODZZZ – serving up a fusion of exotic flavours and textures nodding proudly to recipes passed down through the generations of his own family. From his signature range of sauces to his unique STREETFOODZZZ menu, there is a story in every dish. 

STREETFOODZZZ, Snoozebox Olympic Park, Pudding Mill Lane, London, E15 2PH

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